About me

About me


If you came to my blog, you obviously want to learn more about Hasidic Judaism. First, about me. My (pen) name is Rebecca and I’m a 40 yr old Hasidic, married woman and mother of two wonderful children, one with slight special needs. I live somewhere in Europe. I’d like to stay anonymous as this gives me slightly more freedom to write what I want.

What you will find here: I will tell you about our traditions, about why we do certain things and snippets of my daily life which I hope will be of interest to you.

My mission is to show you that we’re all humans after all, underneath all the customs and dress, we all want one thing. Acceptance, love, and respect.

I’ll be doing my tiny part in spreading this around.

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I have been published in several places online among them Ozy.com, Ravishly, The Huffington Post, Scarymommy and yahoo! Style. Find all my published pieces here.

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