(Food struggle) Psychosomatic energetics.

(Food struggle) Psychosomatic energetics.

There I was, sitting in the office of Katya, a naturopath from Germany. She invites me to sit next to her and starts by asking me some questions. What are my problems? Well, I have many but I talk about my very frequent stomachaches and my non-stop sinus infections. These are my “safe” problems.

At the table, I see a machine. Later, I read that this is called a Reba machine, designed to measure a person’s energy. It measures four parts; the mental, vital, emotional and causal energy. If they aren’t optimal, you’ll feel it in different ways.

Before I tell you what that Reba device said about me, I’ll explain some of the issues I have had over the years. I have been going to a therapist to explore and get over childhood abuse. I have been trying to explain to her what I actually felt. I knew I had no energy, mostly a bit in the morning but that was it. I also felt like I had some kind of mental fatigue. A tired brain. The only thing I felt like doing was sitting on the couch, surfing mindlessly. Just the thought of getting up and doing something made me tired.

I also had been feeling numb inside. My feelings had been shut off. I had no idea when it happened. It could be after the loss of my baby. I just didn’t feel anything. When I tried EMDR to try and get over the trauma of the abuse, it just didn’t work. The therapist told me I likely stuffed my feelings way-way down. These were the things my therapist and I were discussing all the time.

Back to Katya. The only thing I had told her before we started were my physical ailments. She had no way of knowing all of the above. The whole procedure was very interesting. She tied a string around my wrists that was connected to the machine and she was adding little vials of somethings to the machine and holding my hands on and off. This went on for about 15 minutes.

The things she then told me were scary. First, she asks me what happened when I was 15. My trauma happened when I was way younger but I knew very well what she was talking about. I couldn’t believe she saw that. She claimed that the traumatic event froze my feelings and just locked them up.

She then told me my energy levels. VITAL=45% which I expected and explained why I never have energy. EMOTIONAL= 50% which means I’m not especially unhappy but not happy either. CAUSAL=40 out of 50 which means I’m very sensitive, intuitive and connected to the world around me. MENTAL=23%

She explained that all my mental energy went to making sure the trauma stays deeply hidden. So it’s no wonder there isn’t any left for all the other things. I actually teared up hearing her say this! So it’s not all in my mind! With only 23% of my mental energy working, is it a wonder I’m forever overwhelmed by every little thing? That I cannot retain a single bit of information in my mind? That I can’t think or remember anything? No wonder I thought I had ADD! My husband keeps saying I wasn’t that bad in the beginning of our marriage. As the years go by I believe the energy level went less and less.
This is the first time an explanation made excellent sense. All the doctors I went to, all the alternative practitioners I visited, no one came close to finding the problem. No wonder Ritalin didn’t help! I was so relieved to hear this, I felt half the problem solved.

She also told me to go off Gluten and cow milk as she saw this isn’t good for me. I probably have a gluten sensitivity as I was tested for Celiac disease a few years ago and the results were negative. I am willing to try this since I suffer from bloating and stomach cramps.

As it’s been many years, I need to be patient and not expect instant miracles. I need to give it up to five months. 25 years of repression cannot be reversed instantly.

Katya gave me drops to take. 3 times a day I need to smell a certain oil which I must admit is very soothing and calming. She gave me some other instructions which include saying an affirmative sentence to myself several times a day and wearing light blue if I can.

She wants to see me again in 4 weeks. I pray so hard for this to finally be the end of my troubles.

What I also liked about her was the fact that she didn’t bash conventional medicine. She said that she works WITH them. With children, she involves their pediatrician and she loves hearing that we work with therapists. She told me that it increases chances for success.

I will keep you updated on the progress, follow me if you don’t want to miss anything 🙂

For a more in-depth explanation of the process, you can visit: http://drsusanhamilton.com/homeopathic-medicine/ and check out her site.

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