(Food struggle) What’s wrong with me?

(Food struggle) What’s wrong with me?

I have always suffered from stomachaches from as long as I can remember. After I eat too much I have stomach cramps. I am way too dependent on meds. I also keep getting sinus infections. After going to regular doctors and finding nothing wrong, I started going to alternative practitioners. There I was diagnosed with Candida and they recommended I only eat spelt and limit sugar. I tried to keep to it but as I have said before, I have a very hard time sticking to anything restrictive so that didn’t work very well. I managed for a while but I couldn’t always control myself so I ate wheat, then felt the sinus coming on. It was a vicious cycle with me not being careful and then living off the medication.

Another symptom I suffer from is terrible brain fog. I feel like I can’t think, can’t gather my thoughts and basically have ADD-like symptoms. I went to multiple psychiatrists but not one was willing to diagnose me with ADD. I was going for therapy and cried to my therapist that I feel like my life is out of control, I can’t help my ASD/ADD son if I’m like that. She referred me to yet another psychiatrist who took some tests and was willing to start me on meds. I tried Ritalin but no effect. He wanted to go real slow but I had no patience for slow. I needed to find something to help myself as soon as possible. My life was really impossible. I got overwhelmed by every little thing, even making supper was a huge chore for me. My husband was shouldering 90% of the burden of the household in addition to being the main breadwinner. It was not fair to him but I couldn’t manage without him. I felt helpless in my own life.
One day, my husband told me he had made an appointment by yet another Naturopath. I had no idea what she practiced but I decided to give it a try.
I got there. I asked her to explain her method. She told me she practices something called psychosomatic energetics. I was prepared to just listen, get it over with and get on with life. I had been to many practitioners before and I was burnt out. I didn’t think she could tell me something different than the others did.
Boy, was I wrong.
All about her approach in a next blog post.

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  • My daughter has suffered w/celiac and multiple food allergies since diagnosed @age 11 Truly if you could limit sugar and eliminate gluten you would notice a huge difference within a relative short amount of time. The pain is too severe to ignore and the brain fog will lessen dramatically. I am sure you are tired of hearing everyone’s advice, but give it a solid try and you will be amazed.

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