Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

In Judaism, we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day as we strongly believe mothers should be celebrated every day.

Being a mother is looked upon as the most sacred job in our culture. It’s the ultimate goal of a Jewish girl growing up. The mother is revered and looked upon as the princess and mainstay of a Jewish home. She sets the tone in the house.

When I, as the mother am irritated, the whole house becomes irritated. When I smile when my kids come home, they are happy and the atmosphere is one of love. When I wake them up in the morning with a good word, their whole day starts off on the right foot.

It’s a big responsibility. I don’t always succeed, far from it. I am human and I have some days where I wake up tired, when I have no patience to deal with their issues.

But I always try to remember how I felt when my mother had her bad days (and sadly, there were too many) I’m sure there were many good days but when I try to remember back, all I can think of are the days she yelled at me, woke me up with a litany of complaints and criticized a lot.  It didn’t feel good and the day started off on the wrong foot.

Mothers have a lot of power, if they realize it or not. They can make or break their kids. Although I don’t celebrate Mother’s day I really like the idea of taking a day of the year to devote to the mother, the princess, the one who does a fabulous job caring and devoting herself to her children.

Mothers! Your love, devotion, care and nurturing does not go unnoticed! Even if you don’t have people in your life who celebrate you as a mother, when your kids will be grown you can hopefully look back and see the fruits of your labor and be proud of your offspring!

Happy Mother’s day!!

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