Update to the child benefit situation

Before you start reading this, make sure you read THIS POST first otherwise this won’t make sense!
End of October the papers were sent in. I knew it would take several months for me to get a reply. The first time you apply it’s quite common to not have to see their Dr. But my pediatrician had told me that when you ask for an extension, there is no such thing as getting approval without a Dr’s visit. Well, I had given the money to charity and I could only hope for the best.
Today I got a letter in the mail saying we were approved for another 2 years! Without a Dr’s visit again! This is truly unusual and I firmly believe that it was in the merit of the charity and psalms recited on our behalf! He is so high functioning, there would be no chance in the world for him to be approved if he would have been seen by the Dr.
Thank G-d!!

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