Virtual gastric bypass

Virtual gastric bypass

I know It’s been a long while since I updated of my food progress. Those who followed my PSE treatment this is the latest.

I finished the drops she gave me but have since not gone back. I do not see any improvement in my brain function and am gutted about that. I have steadily been gaining weight since last year and since my eating habits haven’t changed I have no idea why I keep gaining or being bloated. I was diagnosed with IBS but haven’t followed a plan for it. (all to do with that brain fog keeping me from sticking to something 🙁

For the first time in a long while, I am starting to suffer the consequences from my obesity. I sweating a lot more and it’s very uncomfortable. I also sleep much worse at night and I can feel it comes from the weight. I don’t feel good in my skin and my dresses are getting tight.

Knowing myself, a diet isn’t the answer for me. I crave all the forbidden food and cannot withstand temptation. I always gain a lot more once I get off the diets (which is usually after 6 hours max). I was looking into the operation because I’m so desperate. Don’t forget, my thyroid issues and PCOS do not make matters any easier.

In the process of looking into the surgery someone mentioned  virtual gastric bypass which is hypnosis and makes your subconscious believe you had the band. I am a believer in hypnosis but have never kept at it. I did some research and going to someone here would cost me 500€. I am not willing to spend that amount unless i’m sure it works. So after researching I found an alternative. A much cheaper app that does this program. You listen to a recording twice a day and follow 4 guidelines which are the main guidelines of IE (intuitive eating) which I LOVE (since it’s NOT a diet). The app has rave reviews and for that price (6€) i’m willing to try it.

This will be my last attempt to try and get back to a healthier weight. I will keep coming back to update you all on my progress! I must believe that I can do this and will succeed!

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  • Rebecca, you are correct that you don’t need a diet. You need a healthy way of eating and possibly to bring Hashem into your eating, since He is not there when you eat whatever you feel like. It’s really a shift in your attitude. Please don’t wait until Hashem sends you a larger “knock knock” than just sweating and not feeling good and dresses being tight. Read the appendix to (and the whole book, actually) The Garden of Healing. My husband translated the book and Rabbi Arush asked him to write an appendix with his protocol and health guidelines.

  • It can be strange to see women with 7 or 8 kids still slender. Not everyone can do this and you should realize your husband loves you, not some specific size and in your tradition, you are not there to be admired by others. I do think that exercise is important and you do want to maintain good health.

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