What you can do to make a blogger happy.

If you’re like me, you probably have many fellow blogger friends. You connected on Facebook and Twitter. They’re all bloggers so you come across their posts all the time. It gets overwhelming keeping up with everyone’s posts so you pick and choose which ones to read. You try to read from the ones who always support you, then you squeeze in those posts whose titles sound interesting. You read and then continue scrolling.

I, like everyone else put effort into those posts. We write things from the heart, words that are sometimes private, Β at other times we strive to be funny. We all want our blog posts read. We want to know if we made a difference or if we got a chuckle out of you or if we taught you something new.

When I write a new post, I try to promote as much as possible. I post it on my Facebook wall and in Facebook groups and on Twitter. I’m hoping at least some of my friends will click on the link and read it. I get a few likes but a like doesn’t tell me much. Did she like the post? Did she click on the link? Is she just liking it to show me she has seen it in her newsfeed? Has she read it? So many questions.

I appreciate it so much when someone takes the time to type “read it” or some kind of comment on the blog or Facebook post that shows me they have taken the time to click on the link and read what I have written.
If you take the time to click on a link, why not leave a comment? Just a simple “read it” can make such a difference to a bloggers morale. I don’t know about you but I get discouraged if I think no one reads what I write. I know some bloggers enjoy writing for themselves and it’s therapeutic and it’s like their diary and so on but not me. I WANT people to read what I write. I was never one for a diary.

Whenever I click on a link, I always try to write a small comment so the blogger knows I was there and read it. If I have nothing to say, I like the post on the blog so I make it known that I did read it. A “like” on Facebook doesn’t always mean “I read it”.
Make no mistake, this is not a post how I think all my FB friends HAVE to read all my posts. They don’t. What I do want is to know when you read it. Let me know! I’m one of those small bloggers (think 10-20 views per post) so anyone who reads it makes me so happy. To those who will say how time-consuming it is to always comment I say “If you already clicked on the link, read it till the end, it just takes one more minute to type a little comment”
To me, every comment is worth gold, so much appreciated. Now, as I end this post, please leave me a comment so I know you read it! πŸ™‚

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