Who am I and why am I here

“Who am I” is at best a very tough question to answer. I am still figuring that out! So for now, I’ll be telling you a bit about myself.

My (pen) name is Rebecca Beck and I’m 40 years old. I live in Europe with my husband of 22 years and 2 beautiful children, one on the spectrum.

I don’t consider myself a writer at all. I had some great conversations with a Facebook friend and he kept telling me to start a blog as people would be very interested in what I had to say. Well, this guy is known to be the most supportive guy on FB so I didn’t take him too seriously. I mean, he probably says that to everyone 😉

After a while, I decided to take on the challenge. As for the name, I knew my being Orthodox Jewish would somehow be featured on here so I decided to use the name Orthodox. For various reasons sunflower is my flower and I thought that makes a nice name so that’s how my blog name was born.

I decided I wanted to let people feel the peace that is my sabbath. After that piece was well received, I started thinking that maybe that’s the direction I’m meant to go in. To open a window into our religion. Not the ugly side, that has and is sadly being shown all the time in the sensationalist media. Here you will find the beauty that is in orthodoxy. To highlight our beautiful traditions. To show you that beneath it all, we are all human beings, craving the same thing every human craves. Acceptance.
That is my mission.

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